MiniVape – Compact, Discreet, State-of-the-Art Oil Vaporizer (Black)


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If you like a good vaporizer, check out the brand new, MiniVape from Green Goddess Supply!  This unit packs several really cool features into a state-of-the-art vaporizer:

  • Quick Change Magnetic Coupler!  Special Magnetic Coupler lets you snap cartridges in and out quickly and easily without having to screw and unscrew every time you want to switch cartridges. Additional couplers are also available – put one on each tank, and swap tanks as often as you want, without undue wear and tear on the threads. 
  • No Leak Design!  The special coupler has a unique, patented no-leak ball bearing design to turn any standard cartridge into a better quality no-leak unit.
  • THREE adjustable power levels!  You can use the single button to rotate through power levels:  low (3.2V), medium (3.7V) and high (4.2V)!
  • Super compact, discreet design!  Instead of stacking the battery, heating coil, and cartridge vertically like the typical pen/stick vapes, the cartridge is located to the side of the battery, making the whole unit smaller and more compact.  You can “palm” the unit and completely hide it in your fist.  It looks like a typical mini vape mod box. Easily fits in a pocket or purse, with less change of damaging the tank.  More specifically, the unit is 2 3/16″ tall, by 0.5″ wide (5.5cm x 13 cm).
  • Accepts standard 9mm diameter cartridges
  • Battery is 400mah

Comes complete with USB charging cord to recharge the internal battery from any common, standard USB port. 


Button Usage

Press 5 times to turn it on or off.  Make sure you turn it off before traveling, so the button doesn’t accidentally get pressed for a long time (such as in a suitcase). 

Press 3 times to rotate through low power (indicator light turns red), medium power (indicator light turns blue), and high power (indicator light turns green).

Press 2 times to enter/exit pre-heat mode.  This warms up the coil and preheats the until.  Press twice to toggle this mode on/off (indicator light will double-blink red when in preheat mode).

Press and hold 1 time to engage heating coil for a vape “hit”.  Unit must be “on” for this to work properly.

Make sure to press 5 times to turn off before storing so that the button isn’t accidentally pressed – if it is ‘on’ and pressed, it could overheat and lead to a fire in your purse or luggage.  Always turn the unit off when done.

If you see the light flash 7 times when you try to use it, that means the batter is depleted and needs to be recharged.

Also see the newer MiniVape 2 available in black and green!

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